awesome weekend

Hi guys im gonna write on english so my friend can understand :)
I had an awesome weekend btw haha i was with my cousins and friends .
Had snowball fight outside and when i said i didnt wanna play everybody threw at ME! .. thanks haha
And then we just talked allot me arte aka artemis and chrille aka christos haha.
Dont know what to say cause we didnt do much just beein silly haha.
Have some pics i can show u guys.
Then i spend time with my family and got a new tv! ITS HUGE HAHA
Dont know what to say im at home now talkin to some awesome people and texting haha.
and yeah my cousin artemis is goin nuts and well christos was nuts last saturday. just fwy haha.
And yeah andres played paparazzi and took photos for some reason. This text feels wierd..
Maybe because im writin in english...naahh hahaha i dont know.
Oh well im ending this before it gets TOOOO meningless ahahaha
 oh what a nice picture my face isnt showing hahaha

thats artemis ...body ahaha and andreas feet and christos and then my back behind him xD
And yeah did i tell u guys that justin bieber is hot? no? well ok justin bieber is hot! ahaha


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